How The Gaming Industry Has Changed Over The Years

I’ve been gaming since I was little and I hadn’t realized how “easy” I had it with gaming and being a nerd, compared to earlier years, until recently.

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Expectations And Hopes For E3 2017

Someday I plan on going on a vacation where I drag my husband to E3… Who am I kidding? He wouldn’t need to be dragged.

I certainly don’t have any super high hopes for this year’s E3, especially after how meh the last couple years have been, but there are a few things I will always keep my fingers crossed.


Obviously I would love to see Bethesda announce Elder Scrolls VI. Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening. Traditionally they were dishing out an Elder Scrolls game about four years apart (Oblivion and Skyrim), which means we should’ve been gifted a new one two years ago. Alas! I will always hope to hear about a new one. I know they’re super focused on dishing out new stuff for Elder Scrolls Online (vomit), but a girl can dream, right?

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Wellllllllllllll they already broke my heart this year, so how much more damage can they do? 💔

Moving on…

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If you can’t guess what I am about to say, then you need to pull your head out of the sand you weird ostrich….

Scorpio. Scorpio. Scorpio.

Not the zodiac sign….

The husband was explaining to me yesterday, how they’re making it where there will be 12 GBs of RAM. Which, if I remember correctly, will leave 9 GBs left for your gaming needs….

Shelby: It will have 12GB of GDDR5 RAM; 9GB of which will be used for games. Any memory unused by the game itself will be used as a cache to improve load times and things like that.

Obviously I will not be the type of person to take advantage of all that horsepower, but I do know someone whose nifty 30th birthday is this year… (ahem). Besides, I have had my Xbox One since day one annnnnnnd I still have quite a bit of games I’ve yet to play. I’ve been busy with school, peeps, stop freaking out.

Beyond Scorpio, I don’t have much excitement towards the Microsoft expo. I really haven’t been involved much in the gaming industry for the past two years. I am looking forward to hearing about Halo 6 just cuz I am a big fan.

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It won’t happen, I know it won’t happen, but I would LOVE to hear anything about a second Horizon: Zero Dawn. I know it won’t happen, and it won’t, but again, a girl can dream. (I still need to finish the first one, so it don’t know what I am getting all excited about)…

Sadly guys, that’s all I got.

Mass Effect 3-Why all the love?




My countdown begins with the exploits of one Commander Shepard and it doesn’t take long for the one game per franchise rule to throw up a serious dilemma. How do I pick my favorite Mass Effect game! Is it Mass Effect with the epic battle against Saren? Mass Effect 2 and the engrossing Suicide Mission? Or Mass Effect 3, the tremendous closing chapter to the trilogy where you must face the Reaper threat head on?

Mass Effect is a strong beginning to this truly wonderful sci-fi franchise. While I am glad I got to experience it when it was finally ported to the Playstation 3 in 2012, the combat mechanics felt dated by the standard of other third person shooters of the time.

Mass Effect 2 is magnificent in it’s own right. The gameplay was greatly improved from the original. The time spent recruiting each character, and earning their…

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Quantum Break- New Zealand

Xbox is for the fans. We know this to be true from all the exciting events, promotions and giveaways that Xbox continually deliver for the enjoyment of their loyal gamer fans. The team at Xbox New Zealand (“Xbox NZ”), in particular, have done well in the past with fantastic events to promote their games such […]

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