Reasons why I love my Husband

We could talk about politics, black lives matter, how we are moving to Canada if XYZ win the Presidential Election, or the world in general, cuz let’s face it, we live in a shitty world.

We could talk about all the negativity and horribleness that is going on in the world.

We could talk about inequality, how racism is a hot subject, and how the media is ruining our lives.

You know, first-world shit… Because really, you think people in India, Africa, or Brazil are waking up every morning worrying about ANY of this? Nope, just us. So think about how lucky  we are that we can wake up or come home from work and argue with our friends on social media with our new smartphone?

So just shut up and read on.

I am so tired of talking about all of the above so I was happy to see one of my friends share one of her pictures of her now husband and her with the hashtag #loveyourspousechallenge.


Forty pounds ago… Sigh.

Not only am I now participating in this challenge but it has made me think about how little we speak highly of our spouses. I mean really, we did when we were dating (best foot forward) but after a while it just… stops.

So does dating. When you first meet someone you go on weekly dates, to dinner, the movies, walking at night with the stars and empty sky stretching above you forever more… But that’s the fairy tale bit.

My husband and I met in January of 2011. I reminisce in that story in a previous post that you can read here to catch up. You read it? Okay, let’s continue

So we met at the grocery store and right now you’re thinking “psh, what freakin nerds.” You’re not wrong. I haven’t shared some info, and my mom may not even know this (Hi momma!!), but I was actually seeing someone when my husband and I met… Not like I cheated on the dude but I was very aware of the potential my husband had to become, well, my husband. We fit that well even before we started seeing each other.

What I love the most about our story is how he took the time to basically court me. You know that thing people used to do way back in the day when the dude when have dinner with the parents and then the two would sit out on the front porch talking? Yeah, that doesn’t happen anymore. Bring it back! So anyway, he courted me. Not in a super traditional way but he would come see me at work, he would meet me at the college and talk to me before his class started and after mine had ended, and he would meet me for lunch. The best part was that I didn’t feel like he was trying to become my boyfriend, we just became friends.

One night my good friend, Jake, and I were out doing things you do when you’re bored in small town; drive around. I messaged my husband on Facebook (we hadn’t exchanged phone numbers) and told him that I was going to find his house.


I have no idea what I was doing…

I knew that he had gone with his stepdad had been to a nearby city and back, he had made a giant heart in the snow in their front lawn, and that he lived around where the college was. That’s all I had to go on.

Needless to say it was a bit of a fruitless adventure and could have become embarrassing had I knocked on a door thinking it was the house that belonged to him.

Nevertheless we finally came to his house… We drove up and there he was out on his front porch, freezing his ass off waiting for some girl he hardly knew, in the middle of winter, and late in the evening. My heart smiled just a little that night. Somehow we convinced him to crawl into the back seat and go along with us on our random adventure.

My friend drove us to what is called Tower Hill and it was great, until we got stuck in the snow. Stuck stuck… My husband, without a second thought, jumped out of the car and started pushing. When he freed us of our potentially ruined night, my friend turned toward me and said, “Jennifer, marry him.”


May, 2016… How can you not love that smile?

So I did …

In the midst of that story includes several reasons why I love my husband, why he so special to me, and why there is no one else out there for me.

  1. He is selfless
  2. He is thoughtful
  3. He helps people without taking anything for reward
  4. He would do anything for me (even after almost four years of marriage)
  5. He did right by me by waiting for me to end my relationship, to befriend me, and to become my absolute favorite person
  6. He bought me so many Angry Birds just because he loved how happy they make me (they’re so cute!!!)
  7. He would meet me for lunch (I was still in High School) even if he had spent the whole night playing video games
  8. He has ALWAYS spoken highly of me to his friends, family, and strangers when I am around him and even when I am not there
  9. I know that he will take care of me for the rest of my life
  10. I have known from a very early point that he will do whatever he needs to in order to make sure I am happy
  11. He puts up with my moods, my quirkiness, and my random bouts of oddness (they happen more often than I would like to admit)
  12. He doesn’t say no to me even if he doesn’t want to do something that I wanna do (watch a movie or a TV show he hates)
  13. He puts up with my strange and ever changing music
  14. He is literally my sanctuary, my comfort, and my favorite part of every day
  15. He makes me a better person

So there, you have fifteen explanations as to why I love my husband…

I consider myself an extremely lucky woman to have found him at such an early age (we married right after I turned 20). I could have spent several more years without ever meeting him. Yuck, I would’ve had to date so many more idiots.


I will lift anything in life, so long as I can be with you