The Dangers of Social Media Part 2

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines Social Media as: “Forms of electronic communication (such as websites for social networking and microblogging) through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content (such as videos).”

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Why Thursday?

It seems that the only day I find time to make a post for you guys it ends up being on a Thursday… I am going to take a guess and say it is because I have to stay in class for almost an hour before my next one starts. I mean I COULD go home for like ten minutes but I would rather write.

Not too much has happened in the past week that has sparked some serious rage in me which would prompt me to write.

I had a ridiculous busy past weekend where I went to work, attended a play, shopped, gave a gift for a bridal shower, and met my mom’s new boyfriend. That was just Saturday.

Sunday was Dungeons and Dragons day.

I just gotta say that my wood elf ranger kicks some major ass.

Our group ambushed the water people’s (these elemental religious freaks are WEIRD) fort and mowed them down. Pew pew.

I shot a bugbear in the dick… Ummm I mean my ranger did. This isn’t real life people.


After the craziness of DnD, and getting the (literal, for the elf) fear struck in me, we went out to eat together (AWE). The eating out bit was real life BTW. Come on! Keep up!

Other than that I found myself the laughing stock of yet another Facebook argument. Remember when I said I deactivated it? Yeah, that lasted a week.

I really need to stop getting on Facebook. It is like the devil on my shoulder that keeps telling me, “It will be okay! Just one little peek won’t hurt.” Well it does devil. It does.

download (1).jpg

I think my next post should be about music. I have been on another music endeavor and find that it really fuels my creativity. Well, as long as I am not fighting on Facebook or binge watching Arrow on Netflix. Go me.

2016: The Year we lost Facebook Friends

2016 is going to be a fairly big year. The reason is the election. I know, I know you’re sick of hearing about it too. Sorry, it isn’t going anywhere.


Oklahoma had its primary two weeks ago today. And I bet a lot of Oklahomans lost Facebook friends that week.

It amazes me how many people, myself included, see a meme or an article plastered all over their news feed and get bent out of shape over it. Freakin politics man, they’re offensive.

I can tell you.

We get SO worked up over who we like as a candidate and why all the other’s, your fave included, are just a bunch of asses (pun intended. What can I say about the Republican party?).

I mean you post a meme or a picture of some kind or hashtag or post an article and I guarantee that you’ll be getting loads of notifications within thirty minutes. Not kidding. I dare you to try it.

Unfortunately I know the outcome because I have made this mistake. Not once, but twice. I promise internet someday I will learn to be more mindful of other’s feelings. Today is not that day.

So did you do it? Lots of people flocked to your post and mentioned how stupid so-and-so is and how they won’t achieve anything. It isn’t like we have very many candidates to choose from.

You can either vote for a clown (Trump), an old man (Sanders), a lying female (Clinton, I mean duh), or the Canadian (Cruz, who else is left?).

Anyway, your candidate clearly sucks, right? Well who cares????

Not House


Here’s my telling you bit: We get worked up and SO offended about YOUR selection for a candidate because we don’t like it when people disagree with us! WAH!


Think about it. We don’t like it when we have friends or family who do not see what we see, and the way we handle that is to attack them and make them feel like dirt.

That is why we get offended. I have lost two or three friends (I honestly can’t keep track) because I pointed out the flaws in their choice. Now, I wasn’t trying to be hateful I just do my research and lay out that research down for you. I feel like I am kind of winning when the person’s solution is to delete me as their friend. I mean you feel so strongly about your candidate that you are ending our somewhat friendship? Okay. Clearly we weren’t that good of friends in the first place.

If you’re getting worked up about losing friends over each other’s political stances, then worry no more. If you cannot see them in the store the next day and not say “hello” because you’re mad at them, then delete them anyway. Friendship should be able to support each other’s viewpoints whether on political standpoints or not.

And how childish is it to say, “Well you don’t agree with me and you are arguing with me so <delete> THERE!” You’re doing me the favor of not wasting my time seeing your BS on my Facebook or having to delete you later anyway. Feelings NOT hurt.

I encourage all of you to be mindful of your friends by avoiding posting stupid political stuff. Am I breaking my rule by linking this post to my Facebook? (oh dear). Keep scrolling when you see something you do not agree with. Delete the friends who aren’t really friends already before getting snappy. Don’t be rude to others because you can’t handle how they are thinking. And this advice is for myself too, ladies and gents. I get way too worked up when I see one of my friends being an idiot.

THE WAY TO AVOID POLITICAL IGNORANCE IS TO DO RESEARCH! You wanna win that argument? Research. You wanna know who to vote for? Research. It isn’t that difficult.

If you agree please share and like my post! Have a good day internet!


Good morning world!

So sometime this week Facebook decided to give us new “Like” buttons. Yfacebook likesAY!

The new faces are: boring thumbs up, a heart, a surprised face, a I-can’t-believe-I-just-read-that face, a tear face (SAD!), and an angry face (MY FAVE).

I only realized Facebook had added these new buttons yesterday evening when people were adding weird hearts to the like section of my posts… WHAT IS GOING ON?? I thought. And then Facebook answered, as it always does, with many of my friends sharing the new Facebook like buttons news. YES!

This may not be considered “nerdy” but it certainly demonstrates my odd behaviors and quirky reactions to the world and the “norm.”

For instance, every night once my husband climbs into bed he will proceed to plug in his phone and put hand lotion on (I don’t know why he does this at night. My dry hands drive me crazy during the day). So last night I was SUPER tired (I had fallen asleep, yet again, on the couch in the basement) and he came to bed after showering (TMI?). He lays down and I immediately curl up next to him in anticipation of my night cuddles that put me to sleep. But then he turns over and starts doing his normal nightly routine. After a minute, I may have pouted a wee bit because I wanted cuddles, he starts paying attention to me. YES cuddle time, I thought. NOOOOOOO he wasn’t done. So I asked a question only normal people ask their husbands whislt they perform their nightly routine…

“I thought you were done being sideways!!!”

I thought this was a normal question to ask because he rolls over on his left side and is, in a sense, sideways to me.

Anyway, that may not seem funny to you but I thought it was humorous.

Good day ladies and gents!

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