Millennials Not Voting

The bad thing about this post is that I am a millennial. Not according to my best friend though because she says I turned 91 this year sooooooo in your face people! #soadult

The election is just around the corner, people have registered to vote, they’ve been having their Facebook arguments, and yet, there is little hope that the millennials will cast their ballot.

“Millennials have surpassed Baby Boomers as the nation’s largest living generation,” according to population estimates by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Millennials are defined as those ages 18-34 in 2015. According to Jamison Foser, writer for NextGen Climate, people in that age range can influence the elections but only if they are motivated to vote.

Although the millennial generation is the largest generation since the Baby Boomers came of age, the only way they can affect the election is if they go to the voting booths and cast their ballot.

Since the millennials have grown in voting age it gives them a significant influence over American culture and politics according to Foser.

According to an article written in May by NPR, “Millennials continue to have the lowest voter turnout of any age group. Only about 46 percent voted in the last presidential election.”

During this Presidential Campaign one of the biggest encouragements for the candidates was to boost their reach toward the millennial generation in order to receive more votes on Election Day.

Organizations such as the nonprofit group Rock the Vote have been influencing people since 1990 to get out and vote on Election Day. According to their website, Rock the Vote is the largest nonprofit and nonpartisan organization in the United States driving the youth vote to the polls. In over 25 years of operation they have looked for ways to make voting easier for young adults.

Perhaps, as millennials get older, the next few elections can expect a rise in voter participation.

Side Note: I am eager to see what the research looks like after the election in regards to millennials voting. I will do an update post to this once those numbers are in.

Do You Know The Orange Man And The Liar?

After the past year and a half the answer to this question should be yes.

The Election takes place in two weeks and two days.

Where did the time go? I thought by this point that someone with enough power to do so would say that we need to postpone the election and get more suitable candidates. Unfortunately, that never happened.

Remember when I wrote about the election a while back and said that 2016 would be the year we lost all of our Facebook friends? I was right, wasn’t I?

The amount of Facebook arguments, Facebook name-calling, Facebook memes, Facebook articles, and Facebook she is better or he is better posts are driving me insane! They’re everywhere! It doesn’t matter who you delete or block or whatever, those posts still make an appearance.

I am gonna be frank,


the two people we have nominated to represent us and this country not only look like goofball clowns but also act like ones. What is that face that Trump makes? He has the face and hair and Clinton also has the face and hair. You can tell what year a photo has been taken of Clinton because of her hairstyles…


I digress.

My friends and family, coworkers and strangers, all seem to believe that one out of two celebrity/politician that can “fix” our nation. I wanna know who has instilled that ignorance into our society. The President of our nation can’t fix what is wrong, but we can. Our young people are seeing what we write about, talk about, and how we treat each other based on whether or not we like a donkey or an elephant. We are each a side of a football team that do not get along. We act like a five year old and our of age teenagers are being convinced that they have to be either or of the football team.

Why does it have to be either or? Why does it have to be red or blue? Who has dictated that? And why are we falling for it?

We don’t need and either or system, we need education. We need people to educate themselves, form beliefs not from what they see on the internet but from what they know. We need the millennials and all the others to get their heads out of their asses and go vote.

If it boils your blood with what Clinton did with those emails then don’t vote for her. Not because you’re a Republican or your mom or dad are, but because it is what goes against your beliefs. If you think Trump is a sexist pig, then don’t vote for him. Don’t make these decisions because your ma and pa told you to, make these decisions because you feel it is correct in your gut. Listen to your common sense people.

If you think it is absurdly wrong to abort a child after the third trimester, or at all for that matter, then don’t vote for Clinton. If you’re against vilifying immigrants, then don’t vote for Trump.

They both have skeletons in their closet, they’re both politicians (even if one is technically a “businessman”), they’re both crooks.

Which person do you believe is best to suit your beliefs? If the answer is neither then you’re in luck because there are two other people to choose from.

All that I ask is that in the next two weeks and two days you do your research and vote on what you believe in and who you think will work hard for you as an American citizen.

Use your brains, America.


2016: The Year we lost Facebook Friends

2016 is going to be a fairly big year. The reason is the election. I know, I know you’re sick of hearing about it too. Sorry, it isn’t going anywhere.


Oklahoma had its primary two weeks ago today. And I bet a lot of Oklahomans lost Facebook friends that week.

It amazes me how many people, myself included, see a meme or an article plastered all over their news feed and get bent out of shape over it. Freakin politics man, they’re offensive.

I can tell you.

We get SO worked up over who we like as a candidate and why all the other’s, your fave included, are just a bunch of asses (pun intended. What can I say about the Republican party?).

I mean you post a meme or a picture of some kind or hashtag or post an article and I guarantee that you’ll be getting loads of notifications within thirty minutes. Not kidding. I dare you to try it.

Unfortunately I know the outcome because I have made this mistake. Not once, but twice. I promise internet someday I will learn to be more mindful of other’s feelings. Today is not that day.

So did you do it? Lots of people flocked to your post and mentioned how stupid so-and-so is and how they won’t achieve anything. It isn’t like we have very many candidates to choose from.

You can either vote for a clown (Trump), an old man (Sanders), a lying female (Clinton, I mean duh), or the Canadian (Cruz, who else is left?).

Anyway, your candidate clearly sucks, right? Well who cares????

Not House


Here’s my telling you bit: We get worked up and SO offended about YOUR selection for a candidate because we don’t like it when people disagree with us! WAH!


Think about it. We don’t like it when we have friends or family who do not see what we see, and the way we handle that is to attack them and make them feel like dirt.

That is why we get offended. I have lost two or three friends (I honestly can’t keep track) because I pointed out the flaws in their choice. Now, I wasn’t trying to be hateful I just do my research and lay out that research down for you. I feel like I am kind of winning when the person’s solution is to delete me as their friend. I mean you feel so strongly about your candidate that you are ending our somewhat friendship? Okay. Clearly we weren’t that good of friends in the first place.

If you’re getting worked up about losing friends over each other’s political stances, then worry no more. If you cannot see them in the store the next day and not say “hello” because you’re mad at them, then delete them anyway. Friendship should be able to support each other’s viewpoints whether on political standpoints or not.

And how childish is it to say, “Well you don’t agree with me and you are arguing with me so <delete> THERE!” You’re doing me the favor of not wasting my time seeing your BS on my Facebook or having to delete you later anyway. Feelings NOT hurt.

I encourage all of you to be mindful of your friends by avoiding posting stupid political stuff. Am I breaking my rule by linking this post to my Facebook? (oh dear). Keep scrolling when you see something you do not agree with. Delete the friends who aren’t really friends already before getting snappy. Don’t be rude to others because you can’t handle how they are thinking. And this advice is for myself too, ladies and gents. I get way too worked up when I see one of my friends being an idiot.

THE WAY TO AVOID POLITICAL IGNORANCE IS TO DO RESEARCH! You wanna win that argument? Research. You wanna know who to vote for? Research. It isn’t that difficult.

If you agree please share and like my post! Have a good day internet!

Politics (EW)

So today is Super Tuesday. What does that mean and why should you care? Well it means that you can vote for the person you wish to be in the final run for the presidential election that takes place in November. You should care because voting helps distinguish your views and your wants. Not voting is like hoping to get ice cream for dessert but being too lazy to go buy some. Get off your ass and go… Geez.

With that being said I am not voting today. That must mean I am lazy! Yes and 4 prez.jpg

Before we continue I don’t want you to think I am writing this to persuade you in any political way. No I am just informing you of my oopsies and sillies. Not sure if those are real words but just work with me on it, okay?

So we moved to this new town last year at the beginning of the summer. I got a new license shortly afttrump-faceer moving and was given the option to register to vote. Well my stupid brain didn’t think about the fact that 2016 would be an election year. I hadn’t voted in the past because I didn’t like anyone (hey that is my opinion to have! Get off my back). So brain fart… Go me.

Once the campaigning started I thought “Man I should really get registered to vote, butttttt I don’t have time.”

Good move.

Fast forward to 2016 and I am still not registered, still making excuses as to why but making a decision on who I like. Dumb, dumb.

Then we get to this past weekend and I am like “Oh hey the primaries are on Tuesday and I can vote!” Or can I?

THAT’S right my smart brain never registered.

I am spending the entire day watching my “friends” post about how they went out and voted today and everyone should too because “no excuses.” Unless you’re clearly a genius like I am. Duh. trump hair

I am feeling like a bit of a stupid head today. I wish that I hadn’t put off registering so that I could voice my opinion on who I want to be the next president.

The upside to my awesome decision making skills is that I will make sure to get registered between now and November so that I can vote on election day. AND I will only have to choose between two weirdos instead of more. Yay!

Oh and people please stop posting a picture of yourself on Facebook or a post in general about “how you voted” and “how grown up are you are” or “there are no excuses.” I am sorry but the person I was going to vote for is hardly even a blip on anyone’s radar. So I kindly say shove off.

With that I hope ya’ll have a wonderful Tuesday!

*Disclaimer* I couldn’t help myself with the Trump memes. All of his are the best…. Can anyone answer me why we had two candidates with just plain awful hair? Shave it.

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