New Look

Since I have recovered from my bout of writers block and started writing again, I thought it would be a good idea to create a new look for the blog.

It didn’t take as long to find a theme that I thought fit me but what took longer was nitpicking over what I wanted my viewers to see and interact with. I hope that the new look gives you what you are looking for.


Hope you like the new look! 

If you have any questions or inquiries, please don’t hesitate to send me a message.

Thank you all so much for your continued dedication.

My next post will be a review over the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Special Edition PC version.

Stay tuned!

Forever A Nerd

Thank You

I want to pop on here quickly just to tell you guys thank you for being so loyal to my blog. I have views even as my blog has been dormant for a month, and for that I am very grateful.

I hope to get this blog up and going again soon. The writing funk I am seems to be lessening its grip on me.

School has been keeping me busy with writing and updating social media. So a lot of my creativity is getting sucked out of me via college.

However, I will be graduating in about eight months so that funk will be over then. I will be enrolling in my spring semester in about a week so I will find out how crazy it will be. Fingers crossed that I will not have a full class load and will be able to pay more attention to Nerd Thoughts.

I will try to start posting once a week in October. Maybe little blurbs I can give you guys on what my life is like right now and the real life happenings of the every day bank teller.

Thank you again for the support and the love!

The Nerd Behind The Counter… With The Fat Corgi.

A Bit Of A Dry Spell

I am sad to announce that I have been unable to find the creativity to write any new posts.

This may carry on for some time until my creativity rules over my exhaustion, but until that happens there may be few to no new posts from me.

My classes have started up again and I will be spending the majority of my time reading text books and completing my assignments.

I apologize to those of you who frequent my blog (thank you, by the way). I hope that when I come back fully that you are still interested in reading what I have to say and share with you, the internet.

Thank you all for your continued love of my blog.

Until next time.




Harry Potter and the Cursed Child released on July 31, 2016, but you already knew that.

I received my copy yesterday afternoon when I went home from lunch. I got my copy pre-ordered from Barnes and Noble because it is Barnes and Noble. Some books you can’t order from Amazon or Wal-Mart, it just feels dirty.

I am sad to say that I have not started it beside reading the first two pages and having a big stupid grin on my face. Just those two pages tells me how amazing the entire book is going to be. At a little over 300 pages I am looking at an impactful story to bring me back into the world of Hogwarts and magic.

I plan on producing a post with a review on it once I finish. I just have to finish the book I am currently reading and then get on that. Remember I work over 40 hours a week so it isn’t always reading, playing video games, and writing (I have almost 10,000 words on my novel btw! Super excited about that. Just 90k more).

So stay tuned for that review! Thanks so much for keeping up with my random nerd thoughts! Toodles!


I know I have some pretty sporadic posts from time to time; I don’t keep to a specific trend with my blog. So I have a question, what would you like to see me write about more? Random thoughts I have (ranting or raving), social media, book/movie/video game stuff, my marriage or relationship stuff, opinion pieces,or something else entirely?

I would love some feedback and any advice that you could give me. I am all ears!

Yet Another Update

I just wanted to let you all know (my loving followers) that I am going to have a few posts on occasionally, when he wants me to write. 😀

If you want to be able to read those, as well as the ones I post here, then go follow him! He writes some gnarly reviews, so you won’t be disappointed!

Thank you for your loyalty!

A New Look

If you have ventured over to my blog between 8 last night and just now, then you have probably seen a couple variations of my theme going on. I apologize for that.

I realized last night that I wanted to create a more unique and personalized blog. Something that spoke my nerdiness to my visitors and followers.

I finally found the right one.

My husband helped me make each picture personalized with the name of my blog. I chose pictures with him and I in them since the very first one is one of our engagement photos. I wanted to keep it consistent.

The actual blog shows the three most recent posts, with all of the older ones below them. You can find all of the other extra stuff on the right sidebar for easier access around the site.

I hope you enjoy the update! Hopefully this will be the last wild hair I get, at least for a little while.