Peace Hacks Discusses The Legitimacy Of The Bible

It’s a crazy book to be sure, and crazy people love to beat non-religious people over the head with it, despite the fact that Jesus (in the Bible) told His followers not to do that. It’s an ancient book too. Our modern Bibles are copies of copies of copies – spanning thousands of years. The…

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3 Frustrating Things About No Man’s Sky-Shared

Through countless hours of research, large amounts of 2am caffeine pill dosages, and unfathomable sacrifice, MONG scientist Tyler Fischer has come up with the definitive, scientific, inarguable list of the three most frustrating things about No Man’s Sky.

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Video Games and Equality

This summer break, I’ve really been nerding out. I’ve been playing a lot of Skyrim, a lot of TERA, a lot of OldSchool RuneScape, have been trying to get a Northern Crown (basically, a colonial/frontier America-themed version of Dungeons & Dragons) group going, and have been attending fantasy and renaissance faires. Well, basically, I’ve been […]

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The Librarian We All Wish We Had

I need to apologize. I had promised you all a little something everyday. The only problem is, I’ve had a perpetual brain fart in the last two days. So for that, I am sorry. I have also been quite busy. My fiancé and I went for a little viewing with our photography to see the […]

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The Truth about a marriage that works

We celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary on May 26th. Actually, we didn’t celebrate it, we were both too busy working to really acknowledge the actual day, but we did go out and eat at Outback Steakhouse the day after our anniversary. (Side note: We took a cruise around the Hawaiian Islands last year for our […]

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Mass Effect 3-Why all the love?




My countdown begins with the exploits of one Commander Shepard and it doesn’t take long for the one game per franchise rule to throw up a serious dilemma. How do I pick my favorite Mass Effect game! Is it Mass Effect with the epic battle against Saren? Mass Effect 2 and the engrossing Suicide Mission? Or Mass Effect 3, the tremendous closing chapter to the trilogy where you must face the Reaper threat head on?

Mass Effect is a strong beginning to this truly wonderful sci-fi franchise. While I am glad I got to experience it when it was finally ported to the Playstation 3 in 2012, the combat mechanics felt dated by the standard of other third person shooters of the time.

Mass Effect 2 is magnificent in it’s own right. The gameplay was greatly improved from the original. The time spent recruiting each character, and earning their…

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