My Secret Valentine

Can I get a drum roll please?

So My Secret Valentine for February 14, 2018 is……..


I know what you’re thinking, it wasn’t Falcon Game Reviews? Guys, he’s my Valentine every year, we need to mix it up a little.

This Blog Event was created by Ian over at Aventure Rules. Bloggers interested were encouraged to comment that they wanted to participate and then Ian assigned everyone a blog site to go check out and do the Valentine’s Post for. The point is to spread blogger love, which sounds like a disease, and encourage the blogging community to find new people to follow!

Now for the fun part 😊

Why Should You Follow AmbiGaming?

Well, my first reason is because it took me a really long time to figure out what her profile pic is of. I blame my poor eyesight and seeing shapes where there isn’t anything to see.

The second reason is because you will most definitely find something to read that will pique your interest. She loves Mass Effect (that’s all I needed to follow her), she examines video games on a deeper level (psychologically), and she writes about why we play what we play.

The third reason you should follow Athena is because she is supportive of other’s works. If you follow her, chances are she will follow you back. She will engage with you on your posts, and hers, and also comments back on her Twitter (I literally was talking to her like thirty minutes ago). She literally spent several hours of her Sunday to watch me stream The Long Dark for my first time playing. Like I said, she’s supportive of others.

Athena doesn’t just review a game for what it is on the surface, she dives into the game and finds out why it draws people in and what makes the game tick.

For instance, check out a post here that Athena recently wrote that discusses gaming addiction, the DSM5 diagnosis (or lack thereof), and the holes that follow such a claim.

What I Enjoy About Her Blog

I don’t spend as much time reading other people’s blogs, or even writing my own, as much as I should, but one of the two that I do pay attention to is Athena’s.

Athena captivates her audience with information and insight to the gaming community that a lot of gaming bloggers overlook. I believe that the why behind gaming is important, plus I have always enjoyed psychology.

Don’t just sit here and listen to me, read the following text from Athena’s About Page:

We believe that video games are about the relationship between the player and the game world, and between the game world and the physical world. As such, we love playing games and not only writing reviews, but also analyzing themes found in the games in relation to real-world concepts in fields like psychology, sociology, and even theology. We do write an occasional opinion piece, particularly on happenings in the industry, although our primary focus is and will always be the games and their effects on the players.


Athena takes our gaming habits several steps deeper to analyze what the heck is actually going on.

That, and Mass Effect.


So stop on over to AmbiGaming’s blog site, click the follow button, follow her on Twitter, and, if you really like the content she creates, become a Patron!

Thank you, Adventure Rules for creating the My Secret Valentine post and thank you to those who have stopped by!

4 thoughts on “My Secret Valentine

  1. A great post for a great blogger! Athena really sets the standard for what a quality blog looks like, and as you said she is very supportive and involved with other bloggers. Thanks for participating in the event and showing her some appreciation!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Of course!! Anyone who loves Mass Effect, minus Andromeda cuz I’m still not convinced, earns several awards in my book. 😊

      I have NO idea what I thought it was but it definitely wasn’t a planet and hands. Now that I know what it is, I can’t unsee it correctly. But my brain just didn’t put the picture together the way it should’ve been. 😂😂😂

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