The End of E3 2017

Guys, I didn’t think it could get any worse than last year’s conference, but they topped it.

The header is a big fat lie. 

Ubisoft, I really have no idea what angle you were trying to go toward, but you failed. Miserably.

Playstation, much like Bethesda, you didn’t have much to offer. I like the DLC for Horizon, but that’s only because Horizon is the second best game you have ever had to offer as an exclusive (in my opinion). I also don’t think I will play Destiny 2 for a while after it releases… So, no, you didn’t offer much. Also, your new console is ugly.

Microsoft, I don’t know. I liked how many games you showed, Forza, and the exclusives. I guess I am not mad at you. Though please work on getting more releases for the Xbox One X, I don’t want to see a repeat of the Xbox One release.

Bethesda, once again, you have broken my heart into tiny pieces. I have given up hope that an Elder Scrolls VI will ever exist, and that ruins the Elder Scrolls series for me. Oblivion was by far one of the greatest video games I have ever played and I am saddened to see that series end.

Bioware, I think the prospect of Anthem is promising. I hope you make the dialog and the characters more believable than you did with Andromeda. I guess I forgive you, for now.

E3 has not been as fanatical as it used to be. I feel like it is just one giant party for sweaty nerds to attend and gawk at. It no longer is the conference for companies to truly showcase what they have in store for gamers. Don’t show us something you have already announced. We want to see new, we want to see fresh, and for God’s sake have a theme and stick to it.


2 thoughts on “The End of E3 2017

  1. Love this. I … didn’t pay attention to E3 this year. And seems like it didn’t offer much so I am glad I didn’t spend so much time on it like I normally do. I know exactly which ones I am hyped about and glad for the new info on them. And that is about it.
    WHY SO MUCH SKYRIM. STAAAAP. I know, I need to play it… just… Give me a break. T.T

    WAIT. Wasn’t there supposed to be a Bully 2 or something?? WHERE IS IT? (I honestly loved that game. Wouldn’t mind something similar to that again.)

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  2. You didn’t miss anything. I spent half the time wondering what the heck was going on and the other half thinking how they weren’t showing us anything new.
    What’re you looking forward to?
    A-freakin-greed! Too much Skyrim and not any talk about Elder Scrolls VI.
    I didn’t see anything on a Bully 2 but I didn’t pay as much attention to E3 as Shelby did.


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