The Napping Zoo

Yesterday, the husband and I made a plan to visit our somewhat local zoo, because he had never been there and I needed out of the house. #relationshipgoals.

We walked probably five miles or more in 91 degree weather. That probably doesn’t sound so bad to some of you, but this is Oklahoma, we have humidity coming out of our ears it’s so bad.

You know the feeling you get when you walk into a sauna? Yup, that’s Oklahoma.

Needless to say we were pooped by the time we got to the fishy exhibit. The most interesting bit about our visit wasn’t the fishies or the need to drink five gallons of water because we felt we were swimming in the ocean, but the fact that almost all of the animals were doing the exact same thing. (Shelby: The fish exhibit being a bit cooler inside was a big plus too!)


Now, before you say, “Well, Jen, they were probably sleepy from entertaining guests all day,” let me backtrack and tell you when we got there. 11. That’s a.m., folks. The freaking animals were so pooped after two hours of the zoo being opened that they all felt the need to take day-time naps. I don’t get day-time naps when I am at work, so why do they?! Oh, wait.

The only onesย notย sleeping were the rhinos, turtles (AKA Dinosaurs in disguise), birds (do birds nap?), zebras (save for one, one was napping), giraffes (they gotta sleep standing up, so I cannot confirm this one), elephants (they’re sooooooo big! How do they sleep? Like, what position? Cow style? Horse style? Human style? You know, comfy bed, pillows, and a comforter?)… Moving on. Oh, and the fishies (do fishies sleep?).

Everything else? Sleepin on the job.

Don’t get me wrong, we had fun. It was great to see animals that you don’t see on a regular basis, save the random cotton tail bunny we saw by the tigers (yikes!) and normal deer exhibit. It was also enjoyable to see the monkeys and gorillas and apes and those kinds of dudes, trying to cool down in the ridiculous humid atmosphere.

Even the animals from Africa looked like they were wondering what the heck was going on…

Next up are pictures that the husband and I took whilst on our adventure.


10 thoughts on “The Napping Zoo

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  2. That’s funny you went to the zoo as I also went to the zoo with my boyfriend this weekend! We’re in San Francisco so the weather sounds pretty opposite of what you two experienced though — it was cold. After about two hours I was looking all over for hot coffee or something to warm me up. But the animals at our zoo were also sleeping for the most part haha.

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    • Cold in California? That blows my mind. Lol after an hour we were looking for a breeze of some kind! How dare those animals sleep! Don’t they know they’re there to entertain their guests?
      Did you guys have a good time despite the weather?

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      • Haha I know, San Francisco is not your typical California weather I guess. We had a really good time. It’s nice to do something different, even if the animals were slacking. Also I love the pictures you took!

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