Top Five Fave Movie Moments

Do you ever watch a movie or TV show and there is a moment that happens that you find yourself quoting all the time? Me too.

I have compiled a small list of movies/shows that are moments like that to me. I wanted to find snippets of each one, but some clips were too long.

I hope you enjoy!

Mortal Kombat

Horribly corny movie (not to mention the awful CGI), but this is a quote I will be quoting when I am 90 and my grandkids have no idea what I am talking about.

The Expanse

When the husband and I watched this (btw I got him hooked on The Expanse. Hooked.) we actually rewound the video to watch it several more times. I still laugh. Freakin Alex is the best… #donkeyballs

Hot Fuzz

Whew! I had to give a presentation over a place I would like to live, so I did London. During my presentation I mentioned this movie, because, why not?

Some of my favorite movie quotes come from this movie and I have to give the credit to my wonderful husband for making me watch it over and over and over and over (not complaining, I love this movie).

There’s another moment in Hot Fuzz that I love just as much as this scene, however it is not suitable enough to place a video of on my blog… Sorry.

Star Wars: Attack of the Clones

If you have watched this movie, then you know, or should know, the part I am talking about. Anytime someone is around and says, “it (whatever it is) depends.” Sometimes I answer out loud with, “depends on what, Dex?” other times, I answer inside my head. Unfortunately I am not surrounded by nerds at my job, it makes me sad.

Long clip, so skip to 1:47 to get to the good part.

Men in Tights 

This is a quote that I can say at work and one of my co-workers, who does not watch movies, actually knows the movie! That’s bonus, because this is one of my favorite movie moments!


You only have to watch the first 20 seconds of this clip. East Bank/West Bank…

So that concludes my Fave Five Movie/TV Show Moments. There are more, many more, but I can’t make you guys watch YouTube clips all day. Well, I guess I could but eventually you would get bored.

Have a wonderful week!

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