The Pondering Wife

Do you ever watch your husband or significant other while they are preoccupied with something they’re doing? 

It’s those small moments that I like to take from time to time, like when he is writing an article, playing a game, or brushing his teeth while browsing his Twitter feed.

It’s those moments where you can see their brain working. You look at them from the side instead of the very front of their face. You get a sneak peak into how they’re feeling. They’re focused.

When we first started dating and into the first year of our marriage, I realized Shelby would play his games with his mouth slightly open and had no idea he was doing so. I noticed it during one of my quiet moments where I stopped nagging and really looked at him. It made me giggle which made him ask why I was staring at him and giggling. Much like me pointing out his snoring recently he blatantly said, “no I don’t.”

How often do we really take out of our day or week or even in a month to look at our husband’s? Not as the sperm donor of our children, or the guy that won’t take the trash out, but as our husband.

How often do we chase after our husbands like we did when we were dating? 16299371_1247263672015972_2394778343455330954_n

We spend everyday washing the dishes, cooking (unless you have a husband like mine that enjoys cooking), washing and folding laundry, taking the kids to and from school, etc. Seriously, how often do we really stop and look at them?

Men are so different from women. Their brains work in a way I will never understand, and they say women are difficult.

I think we tend to take our husbands for granted.  They open the pickle jars (even though they think pickles are the nastiest thing to exist), they kill and dispose of the spiders, and they unclog toilets (no woman wants to do that).9a2258374e90b56b750ea825fd2dc8ef6edacdf896931c62ec6fc097a7753766

We put up with the dirty socks, the constant having to pick up their crap  stuff, and having to listen to another ballgame. We complain about how we do all the work around the
house, but their brains are on a whole nother level than ours. They’re thinking about the work they put in at their job, taking out the trash, and reading the kids a bedtime story. They’re the hero.

I recently read an article about the “asshole wife” that always picked a fight with her husband over leaving his dirty socks on the ground. Until one day, he died.

They’re just socks. Yeah, you may have had to pick up ten other pairs of socks, but what’s one more pair? Because forever doesn’t exist and someday your time with them will be up and there won’t be anymore dirty socks to pick up and bitch about.

Sometimes we need to take a step back and appreciate all our husbands do for us. They’re pretty great or else we wouldn’t have vowed to stay with them for the rest of our lives.

Mine is currently attending college for 18 hours this semester and working to make sure that I have an easier time paying bills without having to stress about it. He wants to make sure I can go get my hair done or to buy new clothes when mine get worn. Meanwhile he thinks he can go a little while longer without getting a new pair of sneakers.

Husbands are a blessing that we take for granted far too often.

Take a moment and watch them while they do something that captures their attention. Watch them for three minutes and think about why you fell in love with them in the first place.


So what do you think? Do we take our spouses for granted? Should they be more disciplined in their responsibilities? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

1 thought on “The Pondering Wife

  1. Love it….yes, we need to look at our spouse without having some objective in mind. In those moments we see “them”
    I to often look at hubby and reminisce of when we were dating…or a certain day I remember that look. Marriage is more than bills, laundry, kids, sex…. Look beyond what you see.

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