Do You Know The Orange Man And The Liar?

After the past year and a half the answer to this question should be yes.

The Election takes place in two weeks and two days.

Where did the time go? I thought by this point that someone with enough power to do so would say that we need to postpone the election and get more suitable candidates. Unfortunately, that never happened.

Remember when I wrote about the election a while back and said that 2016 would be the year we lost all of our Facebook friends? I was right, wasn’t I?

The amount of Facebook arguments, Facebook name-calling, Facebook memes, Facebook articles, and Facebook she is better or he is better posts are driving me insane! They’re everywhere! It doesn’t matter who you delete or block or whatever, those posts still make an appearance.

I am gonna be frank,


the two people we have nominated to represent us and this country not only look like goofball clowns but also act like ones. What is that face that Trump makes? He has the face and hair and Clinton also has the face and hair. You can tell what year a photo has been taken of Clinton because of her hairstyles…


I digress.

My friends and family, coworkers and strangers, all seem to believe that one out of two celebrity/politician that can “fix” our nation. I wanna know who has instilled that ignorance into our society. The President of our nation can’t fix what is wrong, but we can. Our young people are seeing what we write about, talk about, and how we treat each other based on whether or not we like a donkey or an elephant. We are each a side of a football team that do not get along. We act like a five year old and our of age teenagers are being convinced that they have to be either or of the football team.

Why does it have to be either or? Why does it have to be red or blue? Who has dictated that? And why are we falling for it?

We don’t need and either or system, we need education. We need people to educate themselves, form beliefs not from what they see on the internet but from what they know. We need the millennials and all the others to get their heads out of their asses and go vote.

If it boils your blood with what Clinton did with those emails then don’t vote for her. Not because you’re a Republican or your mom or dad are, but because it is what goes against your beliefs. If you think Trump is a sexist pig, then don’t vote for him. Don’t make these decisions because your ma and pa told you to, make these decisions because you feel it is correct in your gut. Listen to your common sense people.

If you think it is absurdly wrong to abort a child after the third trimester, or at all for that matter, then don’t vote for Clinton. If you’re against vilifying immigrants, then don’t vote for Trump.

They both have skeletons in their closet, they’re both politicians (even if one is technically a “businessman”), they’re both crooks.

Which person do you believe is best to suit your beliefs? If the answer is neither then you’re in luck because there are two other people to choose from.

All that I ask is that in the next two weeks and two days you do your research and vote on what you believe in and who you think will work hard for you as an American citizen.

Use your brains, America.


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