Thank You

I want to pop on here quickly just to tell you guys thank you for being so loyal to my blog. I have views even as my blog has been dormant for a month, and for that I am very grateful.

I hope to get this blog up and going again soon. The writing funk I am seems to be lessening its grip on me.

School has been keeping me busy with writing and updating social media. So a lot of my creativity is getting sucked out of me via college.

However, I will be graduating in about eight months so that funk will be over then. I will be enrolling in my spring semester in about a week so I will find out how crazy it will be. Fingers crossed that I will not have a full class load and will be able to pay more attention to Nerd Thoughts.

I will try to start posting once a week in October. Maybe little blurbs I can give you guys on what my life is like right now and the real life happenings of the every day bank teller.

Thank you again for the support and the love!

The Nerd Behind The Counter… With The Fat Corgi.

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