First Day Of My Last Fall Semester

So it begins. Today is my first day of my last fall semester at my local university.

I am nervous, anxious, eager, and scared.

I am nervous because you never know what your classes are going to be like before you step into the classroom. I hope no one sits by me.

I am anxious because I want to get over with the social interaction. I know I will have to introduce myself to, more than likely, strangers, and I have never enjoyed that bit.


I am eager because this means I am one step closer to the end of my college life and that much closer to a job that pays more than my monthly rent.

I am scared because I have been attending college since I was in high school and it has become something that I do. What will I do after college? Will I become one of those students who just drifts around in a daze?

So here we are, the first day of many lasts yet to come.

For many, today is the first day of a new adventure, a new beginning, a new them. For others, it is their first last day and they are looking toward the future as I am.

A first last day.

Here is to us. Whether you are beginning this journey for the first or the last time, my hat goes off to you. We are one step closer to our goals, to the futures we desire, and the dreams we have focused on.


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