The last few weeks have been awful if you happen to be active on social media (Facebook for instance). Actually lets be more honest… The last year has sucked for anyone that participates in social media. By this I mean making posts everyday or so, commenting, liking, and sharing.


You don’t dare post anything about what is going on in the world, politics, your own personal goals/opinions or anything that is about you personally, unless you just had a baby. Actually that isn’t true, because even if you are raising a child there is an absurdly high amount of people who are going to tell you that you’re doing it wrong (because they raised the perfect child).

Everything you are posting or saying or DOING on Facebook is being attacked, second-guessed, or out right shut down. Now, I don’t know about you but I get on Facebook to share my blog posts, to see what my friends and family are up to, and to keep in touch because I forget to text people back. However, that innocent desire to want to actually CONVERSE with people is ruined by people being, well, assholes.

That’s right, you’re an asshole. That goes for all the stupid comments and ignorant posts that flood my newsfeed every single day. I am sick of seeing loads of crap at the top of my timeline.

But the best bit is that I can’t say this on my Facebook, because if I did there would be those who would say that I was wrong for having those feelings, thoughts, or opinions.

I am kidding myself in thinking that people actually care about my life, what I am doing, or what new thing has happened… Everyone is laughing and I am in the corner wearing the dunce hat.

What gets me the most is how everyone claims to that their friends/family are entitled to their own opinion but the moment that happens they are given ten different reasons as to why they are wrong…. WHAT?


Because of this I have posted and commented less in recent weeks and been more active on Instagram and Twitter. The only problem is that not everyone else uses those so I am losing contact with people.

Just to clarify: WE ARE ALL WRONG.

I believe that everyone should take up blogging so that they can spew their ignorance all over the place without it being RIGHT THERE in people’s faces. I would actually have to click on the post or the link and then read it, where on Facebook it is just there.

And there you have it, all of the above is what is wrong with social media, mainly Facebook. It is a big bowl of festering bullshit fed by people who don’t care about you personally but pretend to do so. Done. Done. Done.




  1. nail/head

    I’m thinking of FB bail too.
    I will probably keep the FB page but take nearly everything off and only use it to share things with my mom and those who are interested in me. I don’t really have anyone that I don’t know personally but, I just don’t want to read a bunch of garbage anymore!

    But I am glad I know you personally and get to see you every day. So that’s a good thing! 😉

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  2. Lol I just wrote a blog post about the joys of what news media and culture has done to social media and would have to say it’s easy to relate to your blog post. Its actually one of the reasons I have went to blogging. I actually had my Facebook account pending deletion but found that it would mess up accounts such as my premium Spotify account. So I went ahead and stopped the deletion process and back to just blocking what does not matter to me any more.

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    • Thank you for the comment! I will have to check out your post! Idk if I can blame all of my social media problems on the news and happenings of the world or if it is just purely the people I have in my life. Not saying there aren’t wonderful people, but maybe some shouldn’t be included on social media? I hate deleting my account because of all of the positives but the cons far outweigh the pros. Do you block a vast amount of people?


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