Another Update and a bit about my book hangover

So I know since the spring semester ended I haven’t had much of an appearance on here. I spent two and a half weeks taking two interim classes and slept when I was home. I had to catch up after the semester ended. Currently I have been trying to read a book a week, spend twenty hours at my internship, and go to work in the afternoons. This means that I am waking up at 5am and going to bed at 9. Yes, yes I am an old lady.

This is why my posts have been about once a week instead of several ranty posts a week…

I do have a couple posts planned for you in the coming weeks. I am going to work on a book vs. movie review on Me, Before You. (The movie was fantabulous btw), a review on the Pendragon series I just started last week, and probably stick in another life post because this life has got me chasing it around with how much it changes on me.

For now I wanted to inform you that there is a series called Pendragon by D.J. Machale. The young man that suggested (too many times to count) that I read it, says it is like Harry Potter. He lies.

I will get a synopsis out to you but know that Pendragon is unlike any book you’ll have read. It is like a young Doctor (Doctor Who, anyone?) ventures out to worlds (in this case territories) where he must save the specific territory from an evil bad dude. Not kidding. There is a little bit of what you could call “magic” but not in the Harry Potter sense. The man character has a boy and girl best friend (only Harry Potter connection), and is 14-years old.

If you haven’t heard of it, which I am sure you have not, then go to Amazon and get yourself a copy, you won’t regret it.

Okay, I promise to get you a book vs. movie review within the week and other posts out soon thereafter. Make sure you keep up with my Wood Elf Adventures! Thanks and have a great weekend!

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