Pride and Prejudice-Book vs. Movie Review

I will start off saying that it has been a few months since I have seen the Pride and Prejudice  movie but I did finish the book recently. I am going to compare (review-ish) the book and the movie, because we all know that the book will always be better than the movie (or do we?).

There will be no rating in this “review,” I am simply comparing the two.

Story line


The Movie

The story line follows (it better) what happens in the book fairly flawlessly. Obviously for film making there are situations that have been sped up or simply neglected to be included  in the film (if not we would be looking at a five or more hour long p159494_p_v8_afmovie. Nobody wants that).

The story takes us, briefly, through the life of Elizabeth (Main Character) with the introduction being shot watching her read a book, going through her house, and then coming up on her sisters eavesdropping on a conversation her parents are having. This is necessary to introduce the MC to the audience.

The movie moves along quickly with the introduction of Mr. Beasley and Mr. Darcy by having the next big scene be the ball where the two Misters meet the Lady Bennets.

The film flows easily between scenes but does not take away from the audience seeing the disgust Mr. Darcy has on Elizabeth. Some scenes have been altered to show more scenery than what was going on in the book, but it did it without taking away from what we really care about.

The Book

The book opens up with Mrs. Bennet begging Mr. Bennet to go and speak with the newcomer Mr. Beasley.

As a book the scenes take up a considerable amount of time compared to the film (it is a book after all). It takes several chapters until we get to meet Mr. Beasley and Mr. Darcy. The ball lasts a lot longer and we get to see much more distaste from Elizabeth in regards to Mr. Darcy.

As the plot moves on we get to see how anxious of a woman Mrs. Bennet is (something I didn’t care to read too much about because it happens all of the time) when anything involves her daughters or the house or, well, anything really.

The book allows for a deeper understanding of minor characters and how each one is connected to the other and how word travels between the characters. It is fun to learn about each character and what makes each one of them tick.

The book also reveals a backstabbing and dislike between two characters that is only hinted at in the film. I found that bit more interesting to read about than I did to see it on the TV screen.

For the most part the film did a great job of adding in the most important characters (though we do lose some time with Elizabeth’s Aunt and Uncle), and important plot moments.


The Movie

The actors play the book characters in a very truthful way. When I read the book I visualized the characters as their actor portrayals and I felt like they were good matches.

Unlike some films (ahem, Twilight) that hire actors who do not do the characters any justice (Mortal Instruments, anyone?).

I think it is very important for films to cast actors who do well in not only looking like the characters (sometimes that can be difficult) but in also being able to bring that character to life (uhhhh, we all remember Twilight…).

The movie did well in casting people who were able to do both of those.

Uhhh I don’t know what else to add to that.

What was added/taken out?

Oooooh well for starters, as mentioned above, the movie has to cut out or shorten scenes. Although it doesn’t feel like we lose a whole lot of what is going on by the shortened scenes.

Elizabeth’s Aunt and Uncle are only in the movie for a short time while they visit the home of Mr. Darcy. Although the two play a much bigger role in the book and are around for half of the book than what they were portrayed as in the film.

The time that she spent with the Cullins was significantly shorter in the film and far less revealing to her relationship with Mr. Darcy. I feel like this is one of the moments that may have been worth a lengthier film so that book lovers could have seen more of what occurred between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy.

There is a huge section of the book that involves Lydia and Mr. Wickham that did not make it into the film. The scene is short in comparison to all of the gibberish that happened in the book. There is far less drama involved during this part, perhaps to make the movie more focused on Elizabeth.


I believe that justice was done in the making of the film adaptation. I don’t think that book lovers can disagree with the way that they brought it to life.

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