Boss Vs. Leader

There are many infographics depicting the differences between a boss and a leader. There are articles too if you want to read up on the differences versus looking at pictures.

If there is one thing that humanity has that is the same (besides normal bodily… stuff) it is that we all have a boss, a manager, a supervisor, or whatever word you wanna describe the person who has a higher rank than you do. I am sure you have creative names for yours, I know I do.

We have all had that one boss or two or three or may still have the boss that sits in their office “working” all day while we are generally productive throughout the day. (What do they do in those offices all day long?).

I have no answers for you when it comes to why bosses think they can sit in their office and expect their employees to actually do anything. I mean if you’re not working and are earning a paycheck then why do I have to do anything? It is only fair.

Unfortunately, that is not the case.

In many instances the boss (or whatever you want to call them) demands work to be done and expects us to get that work done before a deadline. They want the task done in an inhumanly short time, it has to be perfect, and after all that work is done they take the credit. Geez, thanks.

You would think that somewhere there would be a light bulb moment or the “a-ha!” moment for them but then we would be living in a utopia world.

Side thought:

I was once a manager… I worked as a part-time front end manager (what does that mean? I have no idea) at a local grocery store for two years. I worked first as a cashier/facer (moving product to the front of the shelf so it is presentable).

At the grocery store my first boss was a bit of a jerk. I mean I was sixteen so of course he was a jerk. The dude after him was super nice. He made me feel like I was part of a family and important. I liked that. He is actually the one that told me he would promote me if I could show him a more mature me… I got promoted within the month.

And then came along the guy after my favorite. Um, he was nice… *cough*

After working two years for him (never calling in sick, always do what he demanded of me) I finally found something better and gave him my two weeks notice. For the whole notice he went around talking poorly about me to everyone in the store, said I was stealing his best workers (I kind of was), and berated me for leaving. He made me feel guilty for getting a better job.

He was a boss.

Continuing on:

I am not here to complain about my jerk of a boss or the ones that have preceded him. I want to analyze the differences between a boss and a leader.

I would also like to point out that there are far more bosses than there are leaders. I have worked several jobs in different positions and have had two leaders. Two. The ratio is just astounding.


See the graphic to the right for a better understanding on the differences between a boss and a leader.

The part that says that leaders say “let’s go” makes me think of the 10th Doctor… Allons-y!!

Ahem, moving on.

I find myself placing my managers in these wee little boxes and finding out which they are. I always end up getting mad that there are even people who are bosses out there in the world. I mean if you can’t get your employees respect why would you continue to be a jerk? Two and two doesn’t equal five, people.


I am sure you can only handle so much of my ranting tangents, therefore I will conclude the rampage with this:

If you are ever put into a place of authority then please remember the differences between a boss and a leader. Being a leader will help you retain employees for longer and cause you much less headaches than the boss route does.



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