Let The Finals Begin

For many people (thousands, hundreds of thousands?) this week or next week or the week after (whenever) is finals week.

I feel like there should be a “dun, dun, dunn!” following that statement.

I want to take a moment (from my own studying of course) to wish you all good luck whilst dealing with the stresses of finals week (can someone add in sound effects?).

Hats off to those of you who will be graduating this month with whatever degree you obtained after grueling hours of homework and studying. Congratulations, you now have a piece of paper that says, “thank you for going into some serious debt to touch me.”

Think about it.

I myself am not graduating. However, my bestest friend (not my husband) will be graduating this coming Saturday and many of my friends/acquaintances.

For my friend it has been rough getting this degree. She has three children, has worked a full time job, and spends some of her time reading this blog. Hi Jenny!

This is her and I at work so long ago:


We are cute.

No but seriously. This chick has worked really hard for her degree. I mean she had to deal with me as her assistant manager for like a year and go to school. Not sure how anyone could do that.

But she did. She has accomplished a goal that many never think could possibly be at the end of the long road that is life. Pick up your sad little faces and get to work. And it will be just that, work. Lots and lots of work. And you will want to quit, to give up, but you better not because it is worth every little penny and minute of your day.

Instead of waking up with a poor me attitude wake up with a smile on your face and tell yourself that you’ve got this, YOU can do this. Because what is the alternative? Live in your parents basement forever? No thanks.

You are worth far more than a piss poor attitude.

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