Why Thursday?

It seems that the only day I find time to make a post for you guys it ends up being on a Thursday… I am going to take a guess and say it is because I have to stay in class for almost an hour before my next one starts. I mean I COULD go home for like ten minutes but I would rather write.

Not too much has happened in the past week that has sparked some serious rage in me which would prompt me to write.

I had a ridiculous busy past weekend where I went to work, attended a play, shopped, gave a gift for a bridal shower, and met my mom’s new boyfriend. That was just Saturday.

Sunday was Dungeons and Dragons day.

I just gotta say that my wood elf ranger kicks some major ass.

Our group ambushed the water people’s (these elemental religious freaks are WEIRD) fort and mowed them down. Pew pew.

I shot a bugbear in the dick… Ummm I mean my ranger did. This isn’t real life people.


After the craziness of DnD, and getting the (literal, for the elf) fear struck in me, we went out to eat together (AWE). The eating out bit was real life BTW. Come on! Keep up!

Other than that I found myself the laughing stock of yet another Facebook argument. Remember when I said I deactivated it? Yeah, that lasted a week.

I really need to stop getting on Facebook. It is like the devil on my shoulder that keeps telling me, “It will be okay! Just one little peek won’t hurt.” Well it does devil. It does.

download (1).jpg

I think my next post should be about music. I have been on another music endeavor and find that it really fuels my creativity. Well, as long as I am not fighting on Facebook or binge watching Arrow on Netflix. Go me.

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