Mass Effect 3-Why all the love?




My countdown begins with the exploits of one Commander Shepard and it doesn’t take long for the one game per franchise rule to throw up a serious dilemma. How do I pick my favorite Mass Effect game! Is it Mass Effect with the epic battle against Saren? Mass Effect 2 and the engrossing Suicide Mission? Or Mass Effect 3, the tremendous closing chapter to the trilogy where you must face the Reaper threat head on?

Mass Effect is a strong beginning to this truly wonderful sci-fi franchise. While I am glad I got to experience it when it was finally ported to the Playstation 3 in 2012, the combat mechanics felt dated by the standard of other third person shooters of the time.

Mass Effect 2 is magnificent in it’s own right. The gameplay was greatly improved from the original. The time spent recruiting each character, and earning their…

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