Second Review- Quantum Break

My Second Review- Quantum Break Episodes

Falcon Game Reviews

By Jennifer Steiner (The Wife, duh).

This all falls into one play through for the game. There are many more than what the husband got. In which case there will be spoilers ahead for both the storyline and for the decisions that he made.

If you wanna skip my show review and read the actual game review, then go here. But you will be missing out on my bits… Wink, wink.


Well, if you are not playing Quantum Break then you will be very confused. Also, I don’t know how you would be watching these episodes if you are not playing the game. But whatever.

Moving on.

I did not play the game. Sorry, I do not have first hand experience. However, my husband, the original poster here for your entertainment, is the one who played. I did watch, since we live together (married, remember?).

I admit that…

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