The Married Life

Marriage is like participating in a wild game of middle school dodgeball.

For those of you who are married or have been married for some time will understand my reference.

Picture an intense game of dodgeball.

You may be asking yourself, “Why dodgeball?” or “What would you dodge in marriage?”


It isn’t all Disney fairytales people… more like the Grimm fairytales.

In the past year I have seen several of my friends and acquaintances go through either a separation (which ended in divorce) or divorce.

I know, I know you are thinking about that stupid statistic that says that basically half of the people who get married are going to get divorced. Don’t be a statistic.

Do you know how many of those friends and acquaintances went to marriage counseling (counseling in general) or did counseling before tying the knot?


Why would you agree to a commitment (cuz that is what marriage is ladies and gentleman) and not go to some form of counseling?

Moving on.

I recently read a blog by Gamer’s Wifey (read it here)  and it was over marriage and gaming… She states that her research came back that there were 3 million Google hits for “video games and divorce.” And that’s just the nerds.

So what about everyone else?

The world, life, society, etc. wants to see us fail. Plain and simple. We get jealous of what other’s have and we WANT it. (Gollum and The One Ring, anyone?).

Over the years of my relationship, and marriage to my husband, we have heard countless times, “We really look up to you guys” or “You guys are an inspiration for our relationship (marriage).”

Do you think I am a witch and performed some kind of magical spell? (Only in my Dungeons and Dragons world). Or do you think that our life together is all Unicorns and fairy dust? Just because I don’t post, “Shelby is the biggest butt-face in the whole world” all over Facebook doesn’t mean that we don’t argue or fight. What couple DOESN’T argue or fight?

The point is, is that no one is perfect. Don’t envy someone for what they have because it is what you want. Go out there and BE the person you want to find. Being in a relationship or being married is like dodgeball because everyone is throwing stuff at you all the time, trying to knock you out of the game. Don’t let them.


Don’t let other’s discourage you from being happy.

And if you can’t find out what is wrong then please seek some counseling.

Find a minister or pastor or whatever if you are religious or go see someone with a degree in Psychology and Counseling. Just go do SOMETHING.

ANYTHING is worth more than throwing it all away.

4 thoughts on “The Married Life

  1. I think alot of times it’seems more about being willing to love and serve your spouse and not to not be constantly thinking about your own needs and wants. Magic happens when you both let go of pride and truly love the other person, not with feelings, but with actions and really make it your journey to discover them, support them, and make them happy. I hope your post brings others encouragement! Pride and selfishness is what makes marriage tough and that’s hard for people to let go of, especially in our society and culture today.

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    • Absolutely! I 100% agree. I think the majority of people who are getting married today have been so used to being selfish and serving their own needs for their whole lives that they don’t know how to serve someone else. Twenty years ago people married and the woman was to take care of the house while the man brought in the money. She served him and the family. Now, I am not saying it should still be like that, but what happened to the whole serving your spouse? I love doing things for mine. It makes me happy to see him happy. I think too many forget that.

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      • I tend to be very traditional in my view of marriage and my husband is as well. I think another issue that comes up for too many people is not having clear expectations and definitely not being on the same page in adavance.

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      • I always hear people say that marriage is just a piece of paper, but it is far more than that. I think traditional marriage is the way to go, less selfishness in it. People do NOT know how to communicate with one another anymore. They just give up.

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