Fantastic Article for Married Gamers

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Just about every gamer that gets married will at one point (or many points) experience “the collision”- gaming life vs. marital life. It takes many men by surprise that something they enjoy so much can make their wives feel neglected to the point of complaining, fighting, and many times divorce. She knew you were a gamer before she married you, so shouldn’t you be able to freely enjoy your hobby (or lifestyle)? Why is she so lonely?

Let me tell you what your wife is thinking and not saying.

She sees so much excitement in your eyes and she wishes that she was the reason, not your new game. It doesn’t matter that it’s virtual, because it’s a very real experience to you and it’s very real to her that something else, besides her, has captured you so intensely. Something else, besides her, is keeping you preoccupied at night while she…

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3 thoughts on “Fantastic Article for Married Gamers

  1. Thanks for the reblog and for reading and sharing! I’m so glad this is speaking to gamers and those in the gaming community. Trying to find the balance is a serious issue all over the world, with over 3 million Google hits on “video games and divorce”… yikes! I hope the reblog helps this post find at least one person that needs it! Thanks again for sharing.

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