College Life

I am not your typical college student.

I work to pay for tuition, I have bills, and a spouse (and a dog but who is keeping track?).

Last June I applied to attend the university in the city we moved to. In July I enrolled for the fall semester. I was under the impression that all of my credits from another university had transferred. That is until I received my degree audit yesterday evening.

I will now be graduating in December of 2017 instead of in May 2017. This next fall and spring should have acted as my last year. It would have been my last had I stayed at home and finished.

Imagine my disappointment.


Life would be so much easier if I could just not work and finish up. If that were the case I would be done in a semester because I would take 20 hours.

It isn’t like I haven’t had 17 hours in one semester before and worked, but my job now isn’t that flexible.

I have options.

I can go back to retail which has a flexible schedule, work crazy ass hours, and get paid as much as I did at 16. Oh, joy.

Or I can finish in another year and a half.


What is up with all of my plans being shat on?

My best friend told me that my plans are not correlating with God’s plans for me. She is definitely right but sometimes I really REALLY wish God would tell me what he is thinking.

I am beyond ready to live alone with my man (I mean living alone means no pants, so who doesn’t want that?), working a real job again, and being done with school.




I also hate having to rely on income in order to do anything. I think I am gonna find a cave in a mountain and live as a hermit. I have been saying this for years now but every day seems to bring me closer to it…

Hermit Jen. I like the sound that…

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