The Voice of Poetry

I was just reading another blogger’s stuff and I stumbled over some poetry. It took me back to high school when my notebooks were filled with sad, depressing poetry. Even the margins in my notebooks had a few lines here and there of poetry.

This is where my love for writing began.

Honestly it is funny (is it?) that I totally had forgotten about those notebooks and poems I had written. Remembering them got me going back to college to study Mass Communications. It really did.

If you hang tight I will post one of my most favorite poems I have ever written. It is a surrealist poem. I wrote it because I was in a humanities course in high school (sophomore year?) and we were going over surrealists. My favorite will always be Salvador Dali. His stuff is WEIRD, but I love weird.

I have to find this paper of mine so hold on. 🙂

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