The Stickle and the Lid

I once saw a stickle
And I observed how sad
This stickle was

He hurt inside like so
Under his lid
Yes his lid
A lid that is on top of his shoe
It keeps the rain off of him

His lid is his home
His home is in a shoe
The shoe is under a roof
The roof is a roof that is torn and tattered
Worn and battered

And this stickle set all alone
Outside of his home
Under his lid
As it rained and rained
He sat there


And when I saw him
I too wanted to cry
For he looked so sad


All alone in the rain
Under his lid on top of his shoe
Of a home

But his tears were not made of water and salt
But of chocolate syrup
Yes chocolate syrup

I wondered why he cried
And why his tears were chocolate
I love chocolate
And I wonder if he does too

It doesn’t make any sense I thought
Crying his chocolate
He must be lonely
I must speak to him

But why

He is a stickle
And they’re never sad
But glad
So weird
And now I am scared

He cried
Oh how he cried his chocolate syrup
Then he started to sputter

Walk and talk walk and talk
You walk
Yes walk
You talk all the clock
Yes clock

You use your eating gadget
Yes that thing
That forms your pathetic self

The stickle then looked at me
I looked quickly away
And when I looked back at the stickle
He was glaring at me

Then he jumped up and said

Oh you pathetic
Yes pathetic

Walk talk walk talk

He said this here jazz
As he gawked around
Humoring himself

You think you’re all okay
But you’re not
That’s right you’re not

You rot

I raised an eyebrow

I challenged
stepping closer to him

Realizing that I am much taller than this stickle
I roared

We me I
Do not stink
At least WE
Yes WE
Do not live in a shoe
Yes a shoe

And at least WE are not a piece of poo


I shouted
Staring at him

He laughed
Yes he laughed

Which took me by surprise

Then he started to cry

Under his lid
In his home in a shoe
The shoe is under a roof
The roof is a roof that is torn and tattered
Worn and battered

And then I asked him
Out of pure curiosity

Stickle, why do you cry
Why do you cry chocolate syrup

Standing up abruptly once more
He answered

All you humans torture and hurt yourselves and others
I am crying for YOU
For hope that you will learn to love
And not torture yourselves and others
As I have

You and your perfect world
You think everything is okay
And everyone is happy
Yes but

You don’t completely think of everyone
What about ME and my kind
What are we supposed to do
We learn about you humans
Studying you every day
But you do nothing
Yes nothing
For us

I cry for you
And your country

It will rot human
Yes rot
It may not happen today
But someday
Yes someday
And I will not cry for you
Because when it happens
You will not deserve my tears
No not my tears

He sat back down
Grumbling and mumbling

I stared at the stickle
Under his lid
In the rain

Mumbling and crying

I was shocked that such a creature
Could be so smart
And he knew the truth
For he observed

And now I wonder
What will happen to us
To them

I looked again at the stickle


Under his lid
His home of a shoe
Under the roof that is torn and tattered
Worn and battered

Yes I looked at him
In fear

Turned and ran














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