The Highway Whizzer

The Highway Whizzer struck yesterday in the late afternoon on the small road leading from the highway to my mother’s house..

It was an interesting site to behold as we turned down the small road that can hold one vehicle at a time.

We noticed your car, sir, as we turned down the road and my husband began to slow down. At first I thought maybe you had a flat tire or were lost, but no, that was not the case.

The reality of your embarrassing situation came to us when we saw you standing just outside your car door with your back to us and your legs a bit spread.

The laughter in our vehicle was not well contained and only got more loud as you saw us, got in your vehicle, and tried to get away.

Sadly, sir Whizzer, my momma lives on that road.

You tried to give us room to pass you by pulling over into the driveway but again that is my momma’s house.

I cannot imagine the flushed face you must have been overcome with as you realized that you had gone down an occupied road and that the occupant and her family had caught you.

I am sure you are home with your family and telling them how embarrassed and silly you feel about the situation.

I wonder if this occurrence will keep you from whizzing on someone else’s road…

Dear Mr. Whizzer,

You were so close to the next town. Why did you think it a good idea to go only a little ways on a seemingly empty road?

Laughing Out Loud


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