Oblivious People

Update: I have been working on this since Tuesday. Sorry I waited so long for a new post. Migraines man, migraines…

I talked about my personal bubble last week and the irritating noise people make when they eat. Today, I have something that I think you will like just as much: The Oblivious Person.

That could also correlate to a self absorbed person, ignorant person, and a selfish person. But we will just stick with oblivious.

Before I go into my wee little story (the occurrence lasted about ten minutes in total time) let me just tell you a little tidbit about me. In class I am a fairly quiet person. Meaning that unless I have a question or can answer the question the professor has asked I do NOT talk. I just don’t. There is no need to carry on a conversation while someone else is speaking or be on the phone for that matter. The phone thing can be a conversation for another day.

My story takes place in my 11:00 a.m. to 12:15 a.m. Tuesday/Thursday class. There is a young man in there of whom I do not care for in any particular way or for any particular reason. I think I knew who was a jerk and today I learned that.

BTW I have no idea what his name is so we are gonna call him George (hopefully this isn’t his real name).

Class at 11:00 a.m. is an editing class. Remember I am a mass comm major? Yup, editing. So we are working on a project the professor assigned us while he attended a meeting. We gather our groups and start working on the assignment.

Now, this class isn’t a big class. There are maybe 13 people in the classroom. So picture a classroom full of MAC computers and about ten students.

About twenty minutes of class time George (not of the jungle) begins to play music. My last post informed you slightly of my preferences on music, and someday you will get a list of my favorites. Today you will learn what I don’t like.

A) Loud, obnoxious music while I am trying to concentrate.

B) 95% of rap music.

C) Country music unless it is the older kinds. Definitely not the country music that is trying to be rap. What is up with that anyway?

George isn’t playing music that I listen to, and that is totally fine. However, he is playing rap music and the country rap music (again, what is up with this?). I would have been A-OKAY with this except that he wasn’t listening to it in a low volume. Oh no, this was freaking as loud as his crappy iPhone could go. MAX. VOLUME. In a small little class.

Just WHY?

I waited to say anything because I thought the professor might come back in about ten minutes. Then I waited because SURELY he would stop being so blatantly rude.

My mistake.

I waited a total of twenty minutes trying to work on my assignment, have a conversation with my group, and tune out this awful music swelling in my ears…

I actually texted my husband and told him about the situation and how it was gonna get ugly if George didn’t turn off his music.

Yeah, my patience lasted about three more minutes… I am not sorry George. What you got could have been much worse.

So, my patience completely depleted, I turned around. George was sitting with his back to me as I said, “Could you PLEASE either turn that down or off.”

I waited.

George neither acknowledged my existence or my plea for silence.

I followed up with a very frustrated tone, “REALLY????”

Still nothing.

Fuming, I raised my voice and finished with, “DO YOU NOT HAVE HEADPHONES???”

I waited two heartbeats before he silenced his phone. I thanked him and turned back to my assignment and finished it in peace.

What frustrated me was the fact that he not only was listening to obnoxious music but that he was listening to it so loudly and with no regard to his classmates. The second was that he NEVER acknowledged me or apologized. Seriously?

You’re a real jerk, George.

I have to add that George also wears cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. I was under the impression that real cowboys listened to good ole’ country music and were gentlemen.

Maybe George should meet a real cowboy and take some notes. He clearly needs it.

And that concludes my definition of an oblivious person. Do you see why I consider George to be oblivious?

As always thank you weirdos for letting me vent my frustrations. Have a fantastic day!


Go to woodelfadventures.wordpress.com to read some fanfiction written by yours truly. My husband/counselor also has a blog. Check his out here.



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