Have you ever put your headphones on, pushed “play,” and watched the world as it floated away with the lyrics and sound of a perfectly timed song?

Me too.

The past few weeks have been fairly stressful. Which means that I have been stressed about various stuff but instead of working on my stuff I just lounge around thinking about everything I have to do and am not doing. We’ve all been there. Stop judging me.

I have started taking the fat one (the Corgi) running almost every night this past week, so shut your whore mouths about me not doing anything.

Anyway, back to music.

I find that I have a very odd playlist. Mine goes from bands like Matchbox Twenty, Barenaked ladies, to bands like Korn and Disturbed. But wait, I also have bands like The Glitch Mob (electronica), Shania Twain (one song counts, right?), and various rap songs…

I blame the love of rock music on my three older brothers (they also are the reason I am nerdy), but the rest? Yeah, I am still trying to figure that out.

My husband’s playlist mostly consists of video game soundtracks… And Matchbox Twenty. He is not as moved by music as I am.

I often sit down with my laptop and begin to write, but not in silence. I first have to done my Bose noise canceling headphones and plug it into my phone. Usually my shuffle hates me, but today it has been , how do the kids say it, ON POINT.

I am currently listening to Lindsey Stirling’s song Anti-Gravity which has now transitioned to Breaking Benjamin’s Close to Heaven. Ah, I love it.

I am, if we are being honest here, more partial to a male voice. I think this is because I sing an alto rather than the soprano that women sing… I am a woman I just don’t have the high pitched squeaky voice that some have. Judgy jerks.

A male voice is far easier to sing along with, for me, and they tend to be my more rock music. 😀 Seriously.

My music is my mood. Whatever I have a tendency to listen to in a day will give away my mood sooner than asking me how I am doing. So instead of doing that ask me, “Jen, what are you listening to today?” My answer would be, “Well, internet since you asked me so kindly I will tell you. I have been listening to Five Finger Death Punch, Disturbed, SOAD, and Breaking Benjamin.” I am not kidding. I should tell all of my friends to ask me this.

Don’t you think, internet peeps, that the world would be a better place if we understood each other on more musical based terms? I think so. Maybe we would all become more hippieish (probably not a word).

So here is to you and your weird music habits. Maybe someday I will give you a more thorough list of my most favorite songs. For now I will give you a list of the ones I have an addiction to.

The Glitch Mob:
Fortune Days, Drive like you Stole it, Animus Vox, and Our Demons.
Imagine Dragons:
Bleeding Out (probably will forever love this)
Breaking Benjamin:
Do I have to pick one song? Or five? Can’t do it. All, all, and all.
Pretty much anything that Boyce Avenue does…

Goodnight creeps.

If you want something else to do then go read my other blog. I am not linking it so go somewhere else to find the link. It is called Woodelf Adventures, if you care. Check out my loves site as well, or don’t. He has more visitors than I do anyway.


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