The Life of a Bunny

So I am sure you realize this, especially if you have kids, but Zootopia arrived in theatres today… It. Is. AMAZING!!!

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I don’t know if you know this about me yet, pretty sure I mentioned it in a previous post, but I am 90% sure I was a bunny rabbit in a past life. And this movie validates that feeling.

Yes I realize it is an animated film with no real-life characters but HOLY COW! The depictions of each of the characters are SPOT. ON.

Please don’t think I am writing a review here, because I am not. Now feel free to take what I say about the movie to validate your reason for going to see it or not. But face it pal, if you don’t go see it now then you will end up watching it in a dark room, alone, crying… Do you really wanna be that person? That’s what I thought. So go put your big kid pants on and go see it!

So recent animated films have really come a long way in the past five to ten years. I mean a LONG way. We started with animations like Steamboat Willie and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Now we have films like Zootopia and another one of my favorites, Tangled. I bet you thought I was gonna say Frozen, nope.

Even video games have come so far in what they can handle and are capable of. I mean have you SEEN Halo 5 or the Mass Effect Andromeda trailer? ANY of the new games, The Division, Tomb Raider, and Quantum Break are all blowing our minds. Animation is doing some pretty awesome stuff.


For this film it was more the visually appealing aspects of it. The characters had a broad spectrum of emotions and the scenery was beautiful.

Beyond the aesthetic bits of the show, which I am a big aesthetically pleasing kind of person, the story was great too.

There were moments where I was happy and bouncing along with Judy, moments where I felt her enthusiasm and desire to do good in the world. I also felt when she hurt and got sad. There was hope and doubt, fear and happiness. It moved me in ways that most animations don’t do anymore. Maybe it is because she is a bunny, and I feel connected to bunnies, but the movie made me feel like I was there with the little animated characters.

That is my two cents on the film. Either you’re gonna love it or you’re gonna say “Meh, just another Disney Film.” Give it a chance. Take your kids. It is a good fun time and the movie has a well-rounded message in it. Love that.

Internet Weirdos it is late and I am tired. I have to write a paper tomorrow and my furry Corgi is asleep next to me. We are heading to bed to dream about the world of Zootopia.

Goodnight world.

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