Personal Bubble

We are getting a bit of a trend here. My posts are about things that irritate me or amaze me. Today? Oh, um I am irritated. Stick around and you can read why.

What is a personal bubble? Well for ME it is the invisible bubble that surrounds my body that is a more or less security bubble of DON’T ENTER. Sometimes I feel like I need a sign on my back that says “If you can read this then you are too close.” I would make the letters fairly small.personal-space

Now the personal bubble isn’t so bad that you have to stand five feet from me. However, if I can SMELL your breath…. yeah, you are far too close.

I should never be able to guess that you didn’t brush your teeth this morning (VOMIT) or what you had for breakfast.





Besides what is even the point of you getting so close? Do you think it adds emphasis to what you are telling me? Did you never learn the ART of WHISPERING?

I have had many conversations where we whispered without breathing on the person I was talking to. It is SO unnecessary.

Not to mention freakin RUDE, especially if I don’t know you that well.

If you need to get in the space that I am currently occupying then by all means ask me to please move. Did your momma not teach you the power please and thank you can hold over someone? Well, you need to learn it now.

I have lost count on how many people enter my bubble. Sometimes my filter doesn’t hold together and I say something… I try to not let this happen often but, you know, I am human. At the very least, if the filter doesn’t explode, I will just give you a dirty look or the what-the-hell-are-you-doing look. Neither are fun for you. I quite enjoy dishing out my dirty looks. 😀funny-dog-pictures-personal-space.jpg


One of the worst things about having a personal bubble is that some people apparently were not born with one. Which means that they don’t care if they get in yours. Oh we’ve been in class together for two weeks now, that must mean we are the bestest of friends. Mannnn my best friend knows that she needs to back off sometimes. Like you can’t just get up in my face whenever you want to. YOUR EGG BREATH IS HORRIBLE (Pitch Perfect anyone?). Just FYI.

Respect the bubble people.

There is  ONE person on this entire world that has full access to my bubble. If you can’t guess the answer then you need to go find OZ and get a brain.

The answer is my husband. The reason is because everything is shared with him. He knows all my secrets and thoughts. So when you get in my bubble and the filter holds, guess who is the first person to find this out? Yup, he does.

So if you are not my spouse then please be so kind and don’t enter the bubble. Unless I have given you permission to be in my bubble or I engage in close proximity with you.

Having a bubble is also kind of weird because I absolutely LOVE hugs. Really. I am a hugger.

When someone tells me a sad story my first thought is, “PLEASE LET ME EASE YOUR PAIN WITH A HUG.” Maybe I was a teddy bear in a past life…

Okay, thank you internet for letting me vent about my irritation with people’s bubble assumptions. Never assume that the person you are next to does not have a personal bubble. Chances are they do and some may not be as nice as I am…

You have been warned.personal space

And with that I bid you all a happy HUMP day!


If you wanna read something other than me ranting and raving then click here and read my Oblivion fanfiction. Also, my super awesome husband has a blog of his own. If you go here you can read his video game reviews. Thanks!


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