Politics (EW)

So today is Super Tuesday. What does that mean and why should you care? Well it means that you can vote for the person you wish to be in the final run for the presidential election that takes place in November. You should care because voting helps distinguish your views and your wants. Not voting is like hoping to get ice cream for dessert but being too lazy to go buy some. Get off your ass and go… Geez.

With that being said I am not voting today. That must mean I am lazy! Yes and no.cat 4 prez.jpg

Before we continue I don’t want you to think I am writing this to persuade you in any political way. No I am just informing you of my oopsies and sillies. Not sure if those are real words but just work with me on it, okay?

So we moved to this new town last year at the beginning of the summer. I got a new license shortly afttrump-faceer moving and was given the option to register to vote. Well my stupid brain didn’t think about the fact that 2016 would be an election year. I hadn’t voted in the past because I didn’t like anyone (hey that is my opinion to have! Get off my back). So brain fart… Go me.

Once the campaigning started I thought “Man I should really get registered to vote, butttttt I don’t have time.”

Good move.

Fast forward to 2016 and I am still not registered, still making excuses as to why but making a decision on who I like. Dumb, dumb.

Then we get to this past weekend and I am like “Oh hey the primaries are on Tuesday and I can vote!” Or can I?

THAT’S right my smart brain never registered.

I am spending the entire day watching my “friends” post about how they went out and voted today and everyone should too because “no excuses.” Unless you’re clearly a genius like I am. Duh. trump hair

I am feeling like a bit of a stupid head today. I wish that I hadn’t put off registering so that I could voice my opinion on who I want to be the next president.

The upside to my awesome decision making skills is that I will make sure to get registered between now and November so that I can vote on election day. AND I will only have to choose between two weirdos instead of more. Yay!

Oh and people please stop posting a picture of yourself on Facebook or a post in general about “how you voted” and “how grown up are you are” or “there are no excuses.” I am sorry but the person I was going to vote for is hardly even a blip on anyone’s radar. So I kindly say shove off.

With that I hope ya’ll have a wonderful Tuesday!

*Disclaimer* I couldn’t help myself with the Trump memes. All of his are the best…. Can anyone answer me why we had two candidates with just plain awful hair? Shave it.

Wanna read something a bit different? How bout some fanfiction? Then click here (hint: I wrote it). My husband, the great Mr. NerdThoughts, writes video game reviews. View those here.


1 thought on “Politics (EW)

  1. yep…that’s right!!! And who knew there were so many bernheads here…but well, given the other option, I think that would be a no brainer….But seriously, voting for someone who many not make it through their whole term? You better be hoping they have a great vice option? How would they feel if Trump failed to secure the nomination and then decided since he wasn’t truly a republican that he would flip over to get the vice with the bern? HA then wouldn’t they be surprised?

    Now that would be AWESOME! Those SocDem’s would lose their freakin minds!

    That’s a ticket!!!

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