Seeking Adventure

I am going to skip over the post I wanted to do next for one regarding adventure… I probably won’t make you laugh on this one. Sorry (no I’m not).

Do you ever get the feeling that you need adventure?

I have played several Role Playing Games that involve characters who go out exploring new and strange worlds. Games such as Mass Effect or Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion give me a sense of adventure.

I often find myself gravitating back to those games because adventure doesn’t really exist in real life. I mean we wake up, eat the same bland breakfast (or nothing at all), go to work (same boring job), come home, eat dinner (or don’t), and go to bed…




So that leaves us with video games. I mean you can pop in Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones (if you like to mix BEWBS with adventure) to get that fix OR you can play an RPG.

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt are three games that really kick the adventure craving in the ass. So much so that I really do have to play it just to get a fix.

Now don’t go around telling people that I am some crazed video game addict, that just isn’t true. I just get bored with life. You know, the same shit every single day kind of life. I also have to point out that my husband isn’t a bore to me. We laugh, and joke, and have good fun, but we have been married for a minute which means there isn’t much adventure. AND who can afford to take vacations just because whenever they get a wild hair? Not I.

Video games are the answer to all of your adventure seeking needs.

In Oblivion you can kill whatever jackass insults your race or because he/she looked at you funny. You can also spend hours and hours and hours and hours (you get the point) running around the vast map doing whatever you want. This one is my favorite just because the music was badass, the scenery was gorgeous, and the Thieves Guild missions were freakin epic! (DUH)…

Skyrim also gives you hours of roaming around. The scenery is more bleak and the guild Oblivion meme.pngmissions are nearly as gnarly. BUT it is fun and you can kill dragons. SOOOOOOOO, yeah.

I wish that there was a closet I could walk through and be teleported to whatever world or galaxy I so wished. Now, upon teleporting I would also want to be given awesome armor, skills, and money so I wouldn’t die (dying sucks).

I would visit the Mass Effect world just to travel on the Normandy and say “HI” awkwardly to Garrus just to see if he would say it back. Siggghh..

AND I would travel to Oblivion so that I could become a Master Thief and steal EVERYTHING… Because I can’t get away with it in real life.

I would die within five minutes of being teleported to the world of The Witcher. Not kidding.

So, what worlds would you travel to and why?

Goodbye peeps. Have a great weekend!

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